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Amanda diva dating

Sources say the standbys rattled around in front of about 13 people. But since the July Fourth weekend started on Thursday, the producers added a Tuesday performance. She missed her half-hour call and didn’t return several frantic messages from the stage manager. Early in the run, she fell off the stage and injured herself — a legitimate reason to miss some performances.

But with so many canceled shows, the producers are bleeding money and, sources say, decided to close the production at the end of the month.

Most of the paying customers left when they learned the stars were out.

(The box office managed to find her a seat.) As for Dad, he attended a later performance — but left at intermission.

“I just have to go,” he muttered to a theater staffer.

If you ain’t clicked the link to Amanda’s Gem Dropping, now would be the time.

She literally breaks this stuff down in under five minutes!

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I live to see the day where Situation-ships become uncommon.

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