Serbian culture dating

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Serbian culture dating

I know I said I wasn't going to post again, but since my farewell post, have been deluged with letters from women around the world agonizing over whether they should marry their Serbian boyfriend.

I do not know any other culture where such extremes are exhibited.

Be generous and assume that the child should have ample experience of both countries as they grow up.4) Keep some cash in your name in your country.

Less important than child custody, but worth mentioning.

It adds extra strain to a marriage to work together, especially if you grew up in different cultures regarding work and capitalism, and you'll already have enough challenges with culture, family, language, etc.

Also, better if you own something yourself than being too dependent on a single person in a foreign land. They don't understand about measly US two-weeks-per-year-only.

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Don't add in the burden of integrating with his family in their home as well.

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