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Text chat online with aunties

Yeh soch hee rahee thee keh Tahir kay hathon ko apnay hathon per mehsoos keya.

Usnay mairay donon hathon ko jinsay mainay apna chehra chupaya huwa thaa hatha deya.

Barhay bhaiee Nasir (main unko baray bhaiee kehtee hoon), 40 sal kay engineer thaay, doosray barhay bhaiee Nadir (main unko bhaya kehtee hoon), 35 sal kay aur teesray bhaiee Tahir (main unko bhaiee kehtee hoon), 20 sal kay thaay aur sab bhaiee study kay elawa abboo kee factory jokeh Hyderabad main Fathe chok kay qareeb thee main bhee masroof rahthay thaay. Mairay to moonh say cheekh nikal gaee keyonkeh samnay maira teesra bhaie Tahir nanga khara huwa thaa aur iskay geelay badan say lag raha thaa keh wooh naha kar farigh huwa thaa. Mainay donon hathon ko apnay chehray par rakhleya keh usko daikh na sakoon laiken wooh to mujhay daikh raha thaa.

Bhaiyon kee shadee naheen huwee thee yeh sb qismat ka aur hamaree mamoolee shakal kee wajah say thaa. Main undhairay main bath room kee taraf gaiee aur under dakhil hokar mainay shower on keya. Tahir kee awaz aiee keh sorry Shabnam mairay kamray kay bath room ka tape kharab thaa isleyay main tumharay bath room main naha kar bahar nikal hee raha thaa keh tum agaieen.

Mairay badan main to agg lag gaiee thee aur mian shayad zindagee main kabhee ithnee khush naheen huwee thee.

Tahir hazaron kiss karnay kay bad mairee tangon kay dermeyan agaya.

Mairee umar 16 sal kee thee aur main aik aam see larkee thee uswaqt bhee aur ab bhee.

Color bhee saf naheen thaa aur na hee jism main koee khas kashis thee. Dar asal ham sab ghar walay khubsoorat naheen thaay choonkeh ammeen abboo dono hee mamoolee shakal kay thaay iswajah say main aur mairy teenoo baray bhaiee bhee bus yoon hee say thay.

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Tahir mairay sath hee laitay huway thaay aur usnay mairay honoto ko phir say peyar kanrna shuru kardeya.

Tahir apnay hathon say mairay boob ko sehla rahay thaay aur main khud bhee apnay bhaiee ko peyar kar rahee thee.

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Bhaiee kay honton ko apnay honton say pakar rahee thee aur jhejhak bhee khathan hogaee aur mainay bhee apnay honton say uskay honton ko choomna shuru kerdeya.

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