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I'm kinda novice in frag world and bought Aventus because it was so hyped. This fragrance is literally like a fresh air for me -- I NEED to sniff it from time to time.

Well worth its price, I'm considering buying 250ml and bigger versions 'cos this love will last a lifetime. It seems that when I go and browse the fragrance counters, inevitably after asking what I like or have already they pull out a bottle of Aventus (and now also Viking). I´m testing a sample, today I sprayed 2 and 1/2 shots (because the sprayer didn't functioned properly on shot number 2) around the neck and 1 on my wrist.

I first became interested in fragrances when I was in a supermarket and this scent just captured me. But I wanted to know what the composition was and that's how I first began to develop an interest. this is it want people at work to tell you that you smell amazing?

I was captivated and followed the scent between the isles and found the source. It's the only time I've ever been compelled to stop a random guy and ask what scent he was wearing. To this day, I've never come across a better male scent Still a great fragrance even though it has become very popular amongst the fragrance community. THIS IS IT seriously this is the best of the best nothing comes close the only drawback: it is over-worn ignore negative reviews..

Heart: rose, dry birch, Moroccan jasmine and patchouli. Aventus is available in flacons of 30, 75, 120 and 250 ml. Aventus was created by Olivier Creed Sixth Generation and Erwin Creed Seventh Generation. But i know why, just because it is going to have some exclusiveness if priced it higher then the rest, you think they are using super ingredients that are super expensive, well I dont smell any super ingredients here, it is just better cologne then all the rest, the only special ingredients I could smell it was in Tom Ford Private Collection. I kind of like the fact that each batch smells different as it creates some variety and opens up different facets of the fragrance; but for the price tag there should be some form of consistency.

I bought this bottle last year, but almost never used it because the opening was too sweet (16A01). I wish I could have tried it when it first launched as there are so many reviews stating how it has been watered down over the years which is a pity.

Of course, the clone will not smell quite as natural, wont project as well, or last as long, it's still almost a dead-ringer.

Lets be real, unless you hang out with people who know their frags, and want to impress your friends because you can afford a Creed, no one is going to tell the difference.

I also ordered another Creed Aventus from online and the batch is 16D01 but the projection of this batch is weaker than the 17T01.

First time I tried it, I hated it, had to fight the urge to scrub it off with boiling hot lye and a Brillo-pad...

The dry down however was very pleasant, but not great or any different from 1000 other frags..

The only way to wear this fragrance is to wear the original and not a clone or copy "as their is many of them out there." Only the original Aventus has that superior opulence and in my opinion, the cloners have failed as they don't use the ingredients that Creed does. this is the KING of men's fragrances want to smell like royalty? I just bought Creed Aventus during the Black Friday because I have been saving up my money for it after I tested it the first time at Neiman Marcus.

My first experience with Creed Aventus was really good.

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It is still not in the popularity league like Aqua Di Gio or Bleu De Chanel etc, so the chances of other people in your surrounding wearing it is still very slim. either people can't afford it so bash it instead or people don't want you to wear it so they can be unique.

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