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It’s that religious laws, once promulgated, cannot be undone through the political process, because there is no political process.

There are no elections and there are no opposition parties. Citizens have no recourse except to stay silent or to resist.

Then the rest of us would have, quite literally, no choice.

To the extent that Texas is a socially conservative state, it is because voters in Texas are socially conservative—or at the very least there are enough of them who are comfortable with socially conservative policies.

Even when they wanted to be, they couldn’t be all-encompassing.

They couldn’t be ’s Sarah Jones writes that “Texas is Gilead and Indiana is Gilead and now that Mike Pence is our vice president, the entire country will look more like Gilead, too.” No, Texas is not Gilead; it’s a state where people are peacefully and democratically expressing social conservatism.

ISIS is similarly comfortable with performative brutality, but it set up fairly complex and elaborate judicial and legal structures, including detailed tax codes and counterfeit statutes.

The group’s interlocking sharia courts, binding fatwas, and economic regulations amount to what Yale University’s Andrew March and Mara Revkin term “scrupulous legality.”A comparison to pre-modern Christian states may be more apt.

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