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Updating library card

The library will explain the process of accessing or updating your information so that all personally identifiable information is accurate and up to date. Data Integrity & Security Data Integrity: The data we collect and maintain at the library must be accurate and secure.We take reasonable steps to assure data integrity, including: using only reputable sources of data; providing our users access to your own personally identifiable data; updating data whenever possible; utilizing middleware authentication systems that authorize use without requiring personally identifiable information; destroying untimely data or converting it to anonymous form.You may either view or update your personal information online or in person.In both instances, you may be asked to provide some sort of verification such as a pin number or identification card to ensure verification of identity.Our commitment to your privacy and confidentiality has deep roots not only in law but also in the ethics and practices of librarianship.

We post publicly and acknowledge openly the privacy and information-gathering policies of this library.

We will not collect or retain your private and personally identifiable information without your consent.

Further, if you consent to give us your personally identifiable information, we will keep it confidential and will not sell, license or disclose personal information to any third party without your consent, unless we are compelled to do so under the law or to comply with a court order.

The purpose of accessing and updating your personally identifiable information is to ensure that library operations can function properly.

Such functions may include notification of overdue items, recalls, reminders, etc.

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Tracking Users: We remove links between patron records and materials borrowed when items are returned and we delete records as soon as the original purpose for data collection has been satisfied.

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